You don’t need to be a celebrity or public figure to deserve personalised style advice. Every client is given a VIP experience unique to their needs and fitting of their lifestyle.
— Ceecee Chilanga

Zambian born, Ceecee credits her love for style to her ex-military father. You can almost say her natural attention to detail was truly perfected by growing up with a man so well put together, where every aspect is well thought out.

With a genuine love for people, Ceecee's approach is simple "Take care of them as you would take care of you". She takes this passion very seriously and believes knowing your personal style is an important part of channeling who you are and has the unique power of influencing how you feel. And if you feel great you truly live better and more confidently.

Add this passion to ambition, experience with major fashion giants and a business degree in handset to create Dapper Style Mint.

Fondly known by her clients as Ceecee Styles, she strives to make every experience memorable with a team of experts in numerous creative fields ie makeup , photography, grooming etc to execute each style project.