“What can I say about my experience with Ceecee? She is amazing. In the two instances I needed an outfit for a special occasion she helped me out.

The thing with Ceecee is that you feel like you are shopping with your best friend but your best friend happens to know what fits you perfectly and makes you look like a million dollars”

— Jon Garcia - Toronto, Canada

“As someone who has never needed someone’s help getting dressed, I am glad that I sought it. Ceecee’s approach with me has not been about changing my personal style, it’s been about evolving it. My wardrobe, while ever changing, feels complete for the first time.”

— Dave E - Toronto, Canada

“When it comes to style and fashion Ceecee knows what is good!

I had the pleasure of consulting with Ceecee to help keep me abreast of all the latest arrivals for the season of my favorite designers. Ceecee aims to please her customers and is very attentive to their unique tastes and sense of style; and she is always on point with her sartorial suggestions! Ceecee even goes above and beyond for her customers: when the pieces for an outfit were not at my local store she helped to locate the items, and get them delivered straight to my front door in time for my event! Ceecee is truly great and passionate about what she does and has a wickedly awesome personal style!

Thank you Ceecee”

— Jordon T - London, England

“Ceecee has a tremendous eye for style and knows how to take any wardrobe on any budget to the next level! I have used her services for a number of years and continue to be impressed with her customer service and professionalism.

On a number of occasions Ceecee has encouraged me to try a new piece and every time I have loved it! ”

— Kayvan L - Ottawa, Canada

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Ceecee for the past 2 years. Ceecee is AMAZING and her customer service is extraordinary! She has a tremendous sense of fashion and can customize it to any budget, she is great at coordinating items to make the most of your purchases. She sends a note when there is a sale, keeps an eye out when your sought after item is available, will ship frequently purchased items to your home for added convenience. She can help you for a specific event or for an wardrobe overhaul, or just for a little retail therapy.

I just love working with Ceecee!”

— Melissa H - Ottawa , Canada